• We Do Beer and Tap Systems

    We Do Beer and Tap Systems

    Improve your current beer system or do you need a custom beer system?

  • Better Beer Systems = $$$$

    Better Beer Systems = $$$$

    King Coils makes you beer system more efficient.
  • Clean Lines = Better Beer = Happy Customers

    Clean Lines = Better Beer = Happy Customers

    Are you serving beer the way the brewers intended?

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About Us

King Coils Mfg.
201 Water Street
Boyertown Pa. 19512
Fax: 610 473-0624

King coils mfg. would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide our services to make your draft system's performance better. It's our goal to improve the quality of your products. Your product's quality depends solely on the professionalism of the person and/or company that installed your draft system. If your draft system was not installed properly it will not work as it should. The result is bad taste, foam and waste of product, which causes a decrease in profit. While some systems may be repaired, others, unfortunately, cannot. That's why King coils mfg. guarantees that all glycol and air system designed, installed and maintained by King coils mfg. will perform flawlessly. We use only the finest draft beer products available. Our professional cleaning services are available. We provide draft beer cleaning consistent with P.L.C.B. law. In addition to providing professional cleaning with the use of chemicals or glass beading, specific to draft beer line sanitation, our services include:

  • Cleaning of keg coupler and replacement of coupler washers as needed
  • Checking and adjusting CO2 regulators as needed
  • Dismantling and brushing faucets and replacing worn out washers
  • Periodically checking of glycol reservoir